steens manuka honey ethics

We are driven by those who we can help. Honesty and integrity are crucial to who we are.


When you pick up a pot of Steens Manuka you know exactly what you are purchasing.

We don’t hide it away in brown jars – we pack it into clear pots which are BPA free. We do not use our bees for commercial pollination as many of these crops are exposed to a wide variety of agricultural herbicides, fungicides and pesticides which harm the bee’s immune system making them vulnerable to deadly parasites and disease.

After 33 years of farming this little insect, bee health is at the heart of what we do. We fervently understand the importance of getting the balance right for their survival. All our beehives, yard sites, beekeepers and equipment are monitored through our Track and Trace system. This ensures that every step of our production chain is fully tracked to the company’s highest code of practice. An authentic company has the confidence to be a transparent one.

We know our business and we want you to know us too