Steens Lands Partners

Land Owners...

...Are you really getting the best for your Manuka?

Steens have been beekeeping for 34 years, so we know a thing or two about bees. We have worked with Manuka honey since the beginning so we understand what is needed to maximise Manuka crops.

  • We are seeking land with High Active blocks for our Premium Markets
  • Steens pay market rates and do more for your honey
  • We cover the entire North Island, and no site is a problem

Maximise your Crop

  • Our unique extraction techniques allow us to extract up to 20% more honey than conventional techniques – we don’t leave honey in the comb like our competitors

More Hives doesn’t = More Money

  • We get your bee stocking rates right. You wouldn’t overstock your paddocks, so why over stock your hives?
  • Overstocked paddocks mean skinny cows and less milk. Overstocking your property with bees gives the same result – hungry bees and less honey!

Maximize Honey Activity

  • We calculate the best time to place your hives, by constant monitoring of the climate, flowering and your land. This is based on years of experience and research

Steens is a Stable Business

  • We don't over promise and under deliver - We pay what we say
  • We are not a big bloated corporate with large overheads
  • Financially stable business that has always paid
  • Our word is our word

Growing Retail Markets

  • Steens is sold in over 750 outlets in the UK, and growing including leading retailers such as Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Harrods and Wholefoods
  • We are building a presence in North America and Asia to cater to and capitalise on new growth markets for Manuka
  • We have a strong digital platform to engage the digital shopper
  • We are developing specialist high activity markets to deliver best return to the high active producer
  • We are developing new innovative products to appraoch new consumers and usage occasions to grow the consumption and value return for the Manuka we sell