steens manuka honey collection

The expedition takes us to some of the most remote and untouched areas of New Zealand ensuring the purity of our honey.


Through remote terrain where trucks can’t be imagined, helicopters are flown in to carry Manuka honey and hives from deep within dense bush and off distant craggy mountain ranges.

Collecting pure Manuka from the untouched wilderness is an immense task. We want to minimize our footprint in our beautiful native forest, so instead of destroying land using bulldozers and other heavy associated machinery to break our way in, our methods cause minimal disruption to our environment.

Our beekeepers work 24 hour shifts and miss their summer holidays to bring the harvest home. It’s beyond challenging; but they are committed to the cause. We battle the sometimes fickle New Zealand weather, the short flowering period of Manuka as well as difficult terrain - so every day counts during Harvest. Our teams work extremely hard to be able to supply our markets with quality Manuka.