steens manuka honey extraction

We have designed an extraction process to bring the world a honey exactly as nature intended.


Our world has become an expert in its quest to bring you the ‘perfect foods’ - but at a huge cost. Heated, restructured,re-engineered, highly processed and denatured foods fill our lives. It was clear to us that our duty was to keep our honey pure.

The distinctive flavours, aromas, textures, colours and goodness within Manuka honey are all retained with our unique extraction systems. Hive temperatures are replicated and there is no need for secondary processing.

Our specialised techniques also enable us to retain one of nature’s most nutritious secrets – ‘bee bread’. This is created when the honeybees embed a multitude of microbial ingredients within the pollen and honey and then the bees put it through a lactic acid fermentation to make it easily digestible. It is among the oldest dietary supplements known to man.

We strive to bring you a honey that is entirely honest in nature.