steens manuka honey with bee bread

Bee Bread is among one of the oldest dietary supplements known to man. It is widely recognised as a nourishing and complete natural food.

Steens Manuka - with Bee Bread

Steens honey is unique to other Manuka honeys because it contains the highest levels of a substance called bee bread. You may have already heard about bee (plant) pollen and how nutritious it is.

Bee bread is plant pollen that is taken into the hive by the bees. The bees add extra enzymes, microbial secretions and honey to pollen stored within the honeycomb. It then undergoes a lactic acid fermentation process which breaks down the hard outer shell of plant pollen, making it easier for humans to digest.  Bee bread is the food the worker bees use to make royal jelly. It is widely recognised as a nourishing and complete, natural food.

Steens have a unique extraction and filtering process to retain high levels of this precious substance within their honey.

Bee Bread is rich in:

  • Protein: high in amino acids
  • Minerals: iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and potassium
  • B-group vitamins and flavonoids 
  • Plant Phenols
  • Bio-availability: Bee bread is at least 3 times more bio-available than regular flower or bee pollen