steens manuka honey quality control

We are the largest producers of high grade Manuka honey in the world.

Quality & Testing

Our drive in the pursuit of the highest quality honey is about health and well being. Meticulous planning and preparation is undertaken before the start of each season to ensure that the 600,000,000 or more bees at Steens capture every drop of available nectar and place it in the honeycomb.

Our long experience, our innovative methods and our unique mastery of beekeeping learnt over the decades has built a foundation that is ‘wide and deep.’ We deliver to the world a honey so good that accolades over its unique properties are being hailed globally. We have been a bulk supplier to the domestic and international market since the 1980’s.

The Purest Manuka Honey

Our expeditions take us to the wildest and most remote locations in New Zealand to source natural stands of pristine Manuka. From these isolated regions we collect the purest Manuka honey nature has to offer.

Steens are high UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) specialists. We can produce commercial quantities of UMF 20+, UMF 24+ and UMF 25+ which other Manuka producers struggle to.

Quality Systems

Our facilities are RMP (Risk Management Programme) registered and are certified on behalf of the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI). Our factory has EU certification under the RMP quality system which is the most stringent honey quality accreditation in New Zealand. Our facilities and business systems are annually and independently audited by AsureQuality.

We were recently audited by AsureQuality recently and we were endorsed as...

"The largest and most sophisticated plant in the country, with excellent records and excellent premises"

(Statement from Independent Auditor from AsureQuality)

Traceability & Testing

Every consumer has the right to know where their food comes from and Steens traceability delivers on this. We are one of the few vertically integrated Manuka producers which means our honey is completely traceable back to source. We have developed a unique integrated software system called ‘Hive Tracker’ which allows us to collect data on over 60,000 hive components and enables extensive monitoring of...

  • Beehives
  • Honey sites
  • Hive components
  • Field activities
  • Disease monitoring
  • Inventory control
  • Genetics
  • Weather

Hive Tracker gives us a research capability that is a world first, enabling Steens to continually improve the way they do business. All pots of Steens honey have a trace code which can be used to trace your honey back to the region it is harvested from. Consumers can enter the trace code on the and track their honey pot back to the hive.

Every batch of honey we produce is tested for specific qualities including the MGO levels and UMF grade to ensure that the Manuka honey you buy from Steens is absolutely authentic and true to label.