steens manuka honey raw pour shot

Our determination is to bring the world a honey entirely honest in nature, by keeping it raw without the need for secondary processing. Subjecting our Manuka to high temperatures just isn't in our thinking.

Raw, Cold Pressed Manuka

Creamed Manuka vs. Cold Pressed Manuka

Most Manuka honey produced is heated to very high temperatures (70C or 158F) during production, which makes the honey easier to pour out of its storage containers and pack into pots. The honey undergoes a secondary process where heat is applied. Unfortunately when honey is heated to these high temperatures it destroys some of the health properties of the honey. It gives the honey a different colour and texture as the honey crystals are smaller and more uniform due to the melting from the high heat. Many of the honey’s nutrients are lost during this processing method.

Benefits of Unpasteurised, Cold Pressed Manuka

Steens Honey is cold pressed (unpasteurised) which means it has only been heated to hive temperatures (36C or 96F) and is then left to set naturally. This minimal processing technique does not denature the amino acids & enzymes in our honey which allows our honey to have:

  • High Amino Acid (protein) profile
  • Higher nutrient content
  • Keeps the honey’s natural enzymes that aid digestion
  • A thicker, thixotropic texture as the crystals are uneven in size – as nature intended them to be
  • Our honey can be labelled ‘raw’ as it has not been processed above 47.7 C (118 F)