manuka trees sustainability

The essence of our business is working with nature.


As a company that sources our Manuka Honey 100% from nature, we do not deliver it to you at her expense. Thousands of our hives are in the most remote and untouched landscapes in New Zealand. We breed bees for the collection of nectar and the sustainability of our world.

We were the first New Zealand beekeeping company to pay landowners – inspired by our desire to share the value with local communities. Every landowner shares in the percentage of the crop sourced from their land and it is all traced though our unique hive tracking system so there are absolutely no anomalies.

Steens has encouraged many landowners to retain and enhance plant their Manuka blocks providing additional income for what could be marginal farming country. Much of this land is erosion prone and Manuka has enormous capacity to hold the land. It also acts as a nurse plant by creating a sheltered environment for our future forests – home for much of New Zealand’s unique wildlife.

We are constantly trying to conduct our business in a more enlightened way.