Steens Honey Track and Trace Scanner

When we say you can trace your Manuka Honey back to source - we mean it!

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Track & Trace

Here at Steens we believe every consumer has the right to know where their food has come from, and our traceability program intends to deliver on this belief.  We are one of the only vertically integrated Manuka producers in the world, which means our Manuka is completely traceable back to source. We have developed a unique integrated software system called 'Hive Tracker' which allows us to collect data on over 60,000 hive components and enables extensive monitoring of...

  • Beehives
  • Honey sites
  • Hive components
  • Field activities
  • Disease monitoring
  • Inventory Control
  • Genetics
  • Weather

Hive Tracker

Hive Tracker gives us a unique research capability that is a world first, enabling Steens to continually improve the way we do business. Because Steens is vertically integrated, we produce every pot of Manuka Honey we sell. This puts us in a unique position, as most Manuka Honey companies have to buy at least some Manuka in bulk from other suppliers due to its scarcity. This means that Steens can actually offer a track and trace system that is superior to our competitors.

Track and Trace

Every pot of Steens honey has a trace code which can be used to trace your honey back to the region it is harvested from. Consumers can enter the trace code at and track their honey pot back to source.

Every batch of Manuka we produce is tested for specific qualities including the UMF grade (which includes the MGO level) to ensure that the Manuka Honey you buy from Steens is absolutely authentic and true to label.