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"First time consumed Steens Manuka, and reactions are all positive! It does what is supposed to do - it kills bacteria in organism well, and that's only what matters and interests me. One small tea spoon two to three times daily on empty stomach does the job. Excellent!"

Jadranko, UK

"Manuka Honey what more to say. Steens is said to be one of the best available, starting chemo I have been advised to eat Manuka Honey to help my body withstand the treatment. I've often used it in the past."

Linda MR - London, UK

"Great quality and great tasting honey. Guaranteed to be the genuine active manuka bearing the UMF mark. Worth the extra money as its medicinal uses are endless"


"Bought this honey many years ago when I was ill, found it on the list and couldn't believe no one had reviewed it as I find it to be very exceptional Manuka honey, gives me energy, makes me feel full of life, even lowers illness time greatly, will buy again".

Peace, UK

"Not the taste I've been used to with other brands but does taste nice, Would buy again."

Lindy Lou, UK

"I use a teaspoon of this in warm water with Apple Cider Vinegar to drink on a regular basis. Following a tip, I also used a little smear of it to treat a corner "crack" at the side of my mouth by leaving it on for 15 mins. Did this once daily for just two days and it has completely healed it. Wonderful for sore throats too. Haven't even got around to using it in food yet! Couldn't be without this multi-purpose wonder."

Strawberry Girl, UK

"Lovely taste and texture. I assume it is pure. I am told purer Manuka honey has better immunity giving properties."

Trevor, UK

"Good value and prompt delivery. Holds the UMF certification, unlike some cheaper supermarket honey which claim to be Manuka, but are in fact not"

Lisa S, UK

"Excellent, love this stuff it makes such a difference to my skin, makes me "glow" and have been told I look fresh faced"

Lana, UK

"Super fast, next day delivery. Very high quality High UMF genuine Manuka."

Leah, UK

"A different/stronger flavor (as expected) but a good one"

Ricardo Resende, UK

"This honey is the best I've ever tasted, and around the same price as inferior supermarket versions which don't have a umf number. My two children call it liquid gold and can't get enough! I can't recommend this product enough"

Amazon Customer, UK