Raw, Cold Pressed
Manuka Honey
- the way it should be

Our determination is to bring the world a honey entirely honest in nature. Keeping it raw without need for secondary processing and subjecting our Manuka to high temperatures just isn't thinking. You won't find us cranking up the heat to 70C (158f) to cream our honey.

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Track & Trace

When we say we can track our honey back to source - we mean it!
We track over 60,000 hive components right through the supply chain,
so we have complete control over the quality of our Manuka.

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Our Products

Steens Manuka Honey - Our Products

Raw, cold pressed Manuka is our game.
We have been beekeeping for 34 years so we know
a thing or two about bees and honey.

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Our Story


Come learn about how Paul and Sheryl fell in love with bees and Manuka.
Learn how the Steens have channelled their passion for honey and nature into
products that deliver natures superfood just as she intended, untouched & natural.

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