Steens Honey

MGO 50+ Raw Multifloral Manuka Honey Sachets

NZ $40.99

MGO 50+: MGO grading higlights the level of Methygloxal in our Multifloral Manuka,  and this is independently tested and certified. This honey has also been tested under the NZ Government Export standards to be Multiufloral Manuka

RAW MANUKA HONEY: Unpasteurised and minimally processed to ensure the honey delivered to you is just as nature intended. Raw and untouched.

HOME TO HIVE TRACEABILITY: Follow the trace code on the label to see that each jar of Steens Manuka honey is a genuine New Zealand (NZ) product. Every jar is authentic, and has been sourced fresh by our beekeepers, and packed in non BPA jars at our facility in NZ.

BEE BREAD: A naturally occurring mix of bee pollen in our honey. Our unique filtering keeps this nutritious product in our honey.


PERFECT OCCASIONS: to add as a sweetener for ginger and lemon tea, to take it with apple cider vinegar, to blend into porridge, to use in homemade face wash to exfoliate the skin.

eliminate refined sugar

100% natural sweetener

Our Anytime Collection of honey has been curated for its low levels of methylgyoxal, and sweeter flavour. Perfect for baking and cooking thanks to this milder flavour profile, this collection of honey has been curated for baking and cooking because it is:

100% natural
Milder flavour profile
No additives or preservatives
No sugar added

baking & cooking


Baking and cooking with honey to replace refined sugars and processed syrups will provide you with a healthier version of your favourites.

We have a journal full of wholefood recipes, both savoury and sweet that all contain absolutely no refined sugars or processed ingredients.

Eliminate sugar by replacing it with natural honey and it's bio-available bee bread and pollen particles.


100% HONEY

All Steens Honey is 100% pure honey harvested from hives placed in the remote landscapes of New Zealand. We don't add anything to our honey, so all you will find in your jar comes from the honeycomb.

No added sugar
Antibiotic Free
Raw & Unpasteurized
Bio-Available Bee bread


our packaging

Steens Raw Mānuka Honey is packed in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic jars. Studies have found that recycled plastic (or rPET) is the least damaging to the environment when compared with returnable glass, non-returnable glass and other plastic options.

All Steens Honey jars are:

100% recyclable
BPA Free
Made from recycled plastics


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Curated for sweetness, our anytime collection is ideal for everyday baking and cooking without refined sugar or processed sweeteners. All honey in our Anytime Collection is glyphosate free.


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