Dr. Yu’s philosophy towards patient care is the same philosophy she chooses for her own health. 

“I believe in educating myself and my patients on many options for their health.  

I love the benefits of holistic health options and balance that with the latest in medical treatment.  

When you know the options, you can pick and choose to individualize and optimize your healthcare. I believe in finding root causes and treating the process that causes the problem so we don’t have to band-aid all the end results instead.”  

Dr. Maggie specialises in auto-immune diseases. These are serious conditions that can affect people in various ways, internally and externally, physically and mentally. As part of her program for disease management and recovery, Dr. Maggie recommends Manuka Honey because of its healing properties. 

Her philosophy stems around a whole food diet with no additives, preservatives or refined sugar, as these can be extremely inflammatory on the bodies systems and can impair healing. 

Side effects of some auto-immune diseases can include skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, gum disease, digestive issues, stomach ulcers and a weak immune system among others, and Maggie believes that Manuka Honey plays a huge part in relieving symptoms and supporting the bodies immune system to repair and recover. 

The ornate Manuka flower is a fickle beauty, only appearing for a short period of time during the summer months, and only if conditions are suitable. It blossoms on the Leptospermum Scoparium tree, which is indigenous to New Zealand. Highly prized because of its long lasting antibacterial, anti-fungal and natural healing properties, Manuka is proven to help accelerate wound healing, and is approved under the strict standards of the Food & Drug Association for this purpose. 

Treasured and respected in New Zealand, and in homes worldwide for use as a natural wellness booster, on a number of skin conditions and for faster healing of scratches and grazes. 

Used in smoothies, on cereal, on toast or in tea, the immune boosting properties of Manuka are beneficial to anyone as an everyday supplement, with higher strengths eaten by the spoonful, or applied directly to the skin for a more targeted health and healing boost. 

Maggie believes that both Manuka Honey and hydration play a huge part in relieving symptoms and supporting the bodies immune system to repair and recover, and her Daily Water Challenge is a simple way to ensure that you remember to stay hydrated so you can build a healthy habit that will last a lifetime.

Download your FREE Daily Water Challenge Diary for more information on the challenge and to help you stay on track. Start today and feel the difference!

I believe all sugar should be replaced with unrefined sweeteners, and the amazing thing about Manuka is its natural antibacterial, antifungal and propbiotic properties which speed up the wound healing process. 

Steens don’t process their honey, and they don’t heat treat it. Combined with the lack of fine filtering, this means what you’re getting in your jar of Steens honey is as close to what comes from the beehive as it possibly can be, meaning that you’re getting all the naturally occurring properties like beebread, wax particles, bio-availble pollen and nectar, and that’s what gives it such a unique flavour and texture. 

Steens honey is unique to other Manuka honeys because it contains the highest levels of a substance called bee bread. You may have already heard about bee pollen and how nutritious it is. Bee Bread is among one of the oldest dietary supplements known to man, and is widely recognised as a nourishing and complete natural food.

Steens makes it really simple to replace your refined sugar with naturally beneficial raw honey by shopping from the Steens® Anytime Range, taking Manuka as a daily immunity boosting supplement with their Steens® Daily Range and find the targeted support you need for digestive issues, skin support and sinus support by choosing from their Steens® Targeted Range of ultra high strength Manuka. 

I always recommend that people have a jar from each range in their house at any one time, so they have Manuka on hand for all occasions. The Targeted Range can be kept for when it’s really needed for digestive issues, skin or oral support, the daily range is used each day for building immunity, and is perfect as part of my daily water challenge, and the Anytime range is amazing as a refined sugar alternative in baking and cooking with whole foods and fresh ingredients for natural health and wellness.

Paul, Maggie and Sheryl talk Real, Raw Honey and it’s benefits, and Paul tells his own personal story of having H Pelori, his refusal to use antibiotics in favour of Manuka honey and natural supplements leading to a shock discovery from his doctor. 

Watch the video to hear his story, and listen to why Maggie recommends Raw Manuka Honey to her patients suffering from auto immune diseases. 

For those with autoimmune, right now more than ever, is the time to get your immune system to work for you and not against you. Maggie Yu MD has been in practice 23+ years and has had a successful online program designed to get you access to an expert medical team to conquer autoimmune challenges from the safety of home.