1. Leaders in MaNuka Honey

Steens have been leaders in the bee keeping industry since 1983. We specialise in the sourcing and production of high-grade UMF® Manuka honey. We have an ongoing Research & Development programme to ensure we are at the leading edge of the industry in terms of maximising everything from honey flow through to crop yield.

2. Realise your blocks potential

We comprehensively analyse your blocks potential using innovative systems and provide you with the optimal stocking rate of hives per hectare of Manuka. This practice ensures annual hive placement maximises returns, whilst working in harmony with nature.


3. Crop Optimisation

Our extensive monitoring and data programme allows us to enhance timing and separation of oral types to maximise the honeys active properties. Also, we designed an in-house processing technique specifically for manuka honey. Our whole comb technology™ crushes the whole honey comb then only filters out the wax. This allows us to extract more honey than conventional off the shelf systems used by other brands.


4. Annual Site Performance Report

Transparency is key to maintaining an open and honest partnership. We were the first in establishing ‘Hive Tracker’ technology to guarantee security of block yields. At the end of each season we provide you with a report detailing the performance of the hives on your site.


5. Safe Access to Difficult to reach blocks

Steens has over 20 years’ experience in off-road Hive Placements. We provide staff and clients with the safest and most innovative approach to logistics. Our logistics team will assess each site in detail, outlining hazards and reference points, and if required can provide you with tracking proposals.


6. Proven track record

Steens were the first to initiate land owner payments for access to Manuka over 20 years ago. Steens has a 100% track record of payment to landowners.



"We have been impressed by Steens regular communication around visits and other updates. I'd would also like to give a huge "shout out" for their honey donation to the Martinborough Breakfast and Homework Clubs. The children really enjoy their toast and it really helps our running costs."

- Anne Hannah (Wairarapa)

“One of the highlights of the relationship has been the two-way communication between us and Steens. Steens are always in direct communication with us whether it is a health, safety and wellbeing issue, information about the season in general or just notification that they will be undertaking an activity that we may be interested in coming along to see. I would highly recommend engaging with Steens for all of these reasons described”

- Scott Ihaka (Greater Wellington Regional Council)